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Course Outline: Writing a Persuasive Letter

Course content: In this course we will introduce you to writing a persuasive piece that expresses your point in a clear, logical sequence and the reader can follow your reasoning. You will be asked to chose a purpose and an audience meaningful to you and write a letter stating your case. The module offers a series of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, applied to a purpose which is significant to you. It will help you improve your writing fluency while you learn persuasive writing skills as they relate to your specific professional or personal environment.



Language Skills



In this lesson the major sections of a persuasive letter are introduced and explained.

The trainer will ask questions about previous/current ideas which you may have, discuss them and then ask you to write the first two sections of the letter.


Review First Piece of Writing

In this lesson you will discuss the parts of your letter that have been prepared.

The trainer will make suggestions and offer constructive criticism.

You will be asked to complete the letter by writing the last two sections.


Review and Discuss the Draft Version of the Letter

In this lesson the trainer will:

     Discuss the entire letter,

     Ask clarification questions,

     Offer constructive critique,

     Evaluate the contents and the form/grammar.

You will be asked to prepare the final version of the letter and to be ready to discuss and support your position.


Discuss Final Version

In this lesson you will review the final version with your trainer.

The trainer will accept or reject your proposal offering valid motivations and give an overall evaluation of your letter.

Assuming your letter will be accepted, the trainer will ask you if you would like to see your letter posted on our website.

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