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Course Outline: Using Effective Verbal Skills

Course content: This module will train the learner in applying effective verbal skills in his/hers professional environment.  The learner will be introduced to a process for:

     Listening to a team member;

     Review the situation from the team member’s position;

     Apply the proper verbal skills needed to resolve the matter.

This module covers:

     Using Positive Tone and Phrasing.

     Asking Effective Questions.

     Using Effective Phrases and Statements.

In addition to improving the level of English, the learner will improve his/her effectiveness, in the work environment, either as a team leader or as a group member.



Language Skills


Positive Tone and Phrasing

In this lesson you will analyze the components of a communication (words, tone of voice, non-verbal clues). You will learn how to use verbal skills to establish a positive and serene environment for a conversation. Examples and non-examples of tone-setting statements will be reviewed.


Review e-mail to set-up meeting

In this lesson you will review with your trainer your writing (e-mail assigned in lesson 1) and talk about the positive and negative features. Did you use positive phrasing throughout the email? The trainer will explain that the objective is to set an encouraging atmosphere by using a Positive-Tone and Phrasing, give examples and point out possible improvements.


Asking Effective Questions

In this lesson you will learn the various types of questions (Open-Ended, Closed-Ended, Inquisitive) and how to use them to clearly identify an issue and make an accurate diagnosis. The advantages of each type of questions are explained. The trainer will define an hypothetical scenario and you will be asked to establish a positive tone and then ask questions from each of the types mentioned above.


Effective Phrases and Statements

In this lesson you will learn how to clarify a coworker’s point, make associations to the coworker’s values, and bring the conversation/meeting to a positive closure.

You will be asked to play out 3 different work related scenarios.



In this lesson you will review the main points from the entire module:

1.    Use of Positive Tone and Phrasing;

2.    Asking Effective Questions;

3.    Use of Effective Phrases and Statements.

You will also be asked to explain the benefits of using Effective Verbal Skills and to give examples for each of the review areas above.

The trainer will also suggest some tips for applying Effective Verbal Skills in the workplace.

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